STB Suite


SCSItoolbox Suite version 7.1 Release Notes

SCSItoolbox Suite(STB) Additional Features & Tests

  • USB and 1394 support – all STB/DMM/TMM functions will now work with USB/1394 storage type devices
  • New ATA-specific tests (QQC, Confidence, Screening)
  • Improved DTB ATA user defined CDB function
  • New DTB ATA 48-bit ATA user defined function

Manufacturing Module (DMM,TMM) Additional Features & Tests

  • Added user defined command (SCSI, ATA TR, ATA 48-bit TR, 3Ware) as test step
  • Improved external program test step – can now pass command line arguments
  • Async external interrupt – external program can interrupt DMM test and log info, abort test
  • ATA commands – support for 3Ware attached drives

Manufacturing Module (DMM,TMM) Bug Fixes

  • Changed file share status of DMM text logfile

Bus Analyzer Module (BAM) Additional Features & Tests

  • USB/1394 trace support